What Kind of Vegas are You?

I may not be an expert on many things (besides: doing hair, being awesome, wasting time, talking ears off, writing mindless drivel…you get the picture). But, I have been to Vegas about fifteen times. No, I am not addicted to wearing skin tight mini dresses, eight inch heels or gambling.

My parents took us as kids plenty of times and since turning twenty one I have been about eight more. Mostly for fun, but I have also been for a few conferences. It is only a twelve hour drive from Denver, as some of you may recall from a road trip where I encountered a Texas Chainsaw Massacre town and a killer. I have covered pretty much the entire scope of what Vegas has to offer.

Disclaimer- I have never called a girl on a trading card that was snapped loudly in my ear (If you have been, you know what I mean). So, if you are looking on tips for escorts…I’m not your girl. I’m not sorry.

Vegas is a dream, it can be anything you want it to be. What style of Vegas are you?

Children: Who would bring their kids to Vegas? I’m telling you, it can be fun. Once my brother and I were deemed “trustworthy” enough to stay alone in a hotel room, we went. That may sound abusive on my parent’s part, but it was fun. We would spend the entire day at a water park or arcade and stay in a kid friendly hotel. At night my parents would  let us order a movie (my brother usually picked because he was older and meaner) and order room service. Looking back, I’m sure my parents were exhausted from entertaining us all day. But, they would always rally enough to go have a couple drinks, a fancy dinner and reconnect. I have very fond memories of these trips and would drag my kids to do the same.

Foodies: Hey you! The one taking a picture of your food, this place is for you. This is a foodie’s paradise. No matter your dietary requirements, picky taste buds or budget. Countless possibilities will overwhelm you as you walk through any of the massive hotel structures. At every turn is an iron chef, top chef or up incoming chef. There are cheap dining options- The Salsa Cantina has breakfast for $3.95, with a line out of the door. I try to enjoy a little of everything. On my last trip, a couple weeks ago, I ate at Emeril’s one day for lunch (a delicious po’ boy), a fancy dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa grill and my personal favorite, Chicken and Waffles at the PBR Rock Bar. We even ventured out to a buffet at Aria, where my husband and I consumed an obscene amount of crab legs.

I was serious about the crab legs!
I was serious about the crab legs!


Mesa Grill. Delicious! Yes, I am guilty of food porn.
Mesa Grill. Delicious! Yes, I am guilty of food porn.


Night Club/Bottle Service: Street walker or high class hussy? It’s hard to tell the difference anymore. Don’t get me wrong, some of you ladies look amazing in your constricting, lycra dresses. Some of you don’t even need Spanx. I have explored this part of Vegas, especially in my early twenties. I love to get dressed up, but honestly, it has never been a scene that I am especially comfortable in. That is not to say it doesn’t have its virtues. In one club, the ceiling literally opened up and a gorgeous woman on a half moon was lowered. She did a very flexible and seductive dance and then disappeared back into the atmosphere. Pretty cool, actually. This is the part of Vegas where you are treated like royalty. For enough money (an indecent amount) you can have your own area to sit, relax and drink a bottle of Grey Goose with your friends. Beware, long lines and grouchy bouncers. If you go with the right people, you won’t have to worry about either.

Shots Shots Shots! Everybody!
Shot Shot Shots! Everybody!

Laid back dive bars and Fremont Street: Dive bars? In Vegas? That’s right. An underworld of people like me, who don’t want to pay exorbitant prices and want to experience, the Old Vegas. Old Vegas is where you can still feel the presence of a thriving economy, thanks to mobsters. New Vegas has somehow lost its slightly sketchy vibe, now riddled with corporations (really though, they are just white collar mobsters). Donald Trump’s name reigns supreme on the face of an enormous gold building. Why? Oh why? I prefer the sketchier side. Free concerts nightly, and the feeling of a time past. Besides, I can play Blackjack for hours at three dollars a hand.

Getting abused at Dick's Last Resort.
Laid back fun!

Conferences: This is a great place to hold your next work event. I have been to countless hair shows and hopefully soon, a writing conference. What an experience, gathering together with co-workers and hundreds of like-minded people in the city of sin. You may see a side of someone you didn’t know existed. A huge group of people, all in their element and ready to let loose. Beware missing seminars due to over partying. I have had several friends become fallen comrades on critical workshop days.

Shows/Music/Plays: Vegas has perfected entertainment. Whether it is comedy, music, Cirque du Soleil (a genre all on its own), a Broadway play, dancing ladies or magic…there are countless ways to tickle your fantasy. I have been to many different venues and enjoyed them all. The arts give this city vibrancy, a way to experience something completely different. There is a half-price ticket booth if you buy your tickets on the day of. Also, most hotels offer a discount if you book directly through them.

KA. A show by Cirque Du Soleil. My husband says, "The weirdest, but coolest show ever."
KA. A show by Cirque Du Soleil. My husband says, “The weirdest, but coolest show ever.”

I could go on and on about the different hotels, the pools, the private events. It’s endless. If you have any questions – just ask. What kind of Vegas are you? Have you had any crazy experiences…that you are willing to share?


23 thoughts on “What Kind of Vegas are You?

  1. Foodie, I am always a foodie. My best eating experience ever was in Vegas at Gordon Ramsey Steak. I always take my trips based on food.

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’m a Vegas virgin. Never been. OK, I’ve been to Las Vegas, but just playing the slots @ the airport while on the way to California doesn’t seem to really count. I don’t care about gambling, but your post makes me want to go…..

    1. Hi Marcy! Good to see you here. I got your email with the steampunk pic yesterday and I’ve been showing it to everyone. Thanks for sending it 🙂

      I’m not really into gambling either, but there is a fair amount to do in Vegas if you haven’t been before. You should check it out some time.

      1. Well, hell, Jennifer, now you’re really making me want to go to Vegas. Glad you liked the steampunk pic. We were pretty dang cute. Weren’t we?

      1. The slots were not especially entertaining @ the airport, so I do need to try it out. It’s so fun to reconnect with you goyles….

  3. I’m not big into gambling, so my focus is usually on the shows (if I can afford them). I’ve been a few times, and even celebrated New Years 2000 in vegas, but I’ve never been to Fremont street. Seems like it would be my kinda place!!

    1. Oh you would loooove Fremont. So much fun there and some really great free concerts…you know I love free.

      How did I not remember you were there in 2000? Crazy, I’m sure! I’d love to hear more about that trip.

      1. Free is always good.

        Probably because you were only like twelve then.

        It was awesome. A bunch of us shacked up in one room and partied in the streets. Although, there were a few people who were afraid to come with us because of the whole Y2K thing.

  4. I loved this post because I agree: Vegas can be lots of fun! My husband and I went there about fifteen years ago. Admittedly, I was screaming “NOOOOO!” and digging my heels into the carpet as he forcefully pushed me out the door and into our waiting car. He had to hijack me to get me to the airport! But once I arrived, I loved it. It was… well… Disney World for grownups!

    We flew in late at night, and it was pitch black until – miraculously – there was a patch of stunning bright lights. Viva Las Vegas! All sorts of fun buildings. Where else can you see the city of New York, the Eiffel Tower, Egyptian pyramids, and (if so inclined) take a gondola ride – and all on one block? Only in Vegas! 🙂

    We’re not really gamblers. We set aside a small amount to lose (and trust me, we did lose it!), and then it was all about visiting all the interesting, themed hotels and seeing the shows.

    Vegas is fun. Hmm… maybe a repeat visit is called for!

    1. I’m so glad you shared this with me. I think a lot of people dread Vegas because they are not really sure what to expect.

      Most movies portray it as a place that will steal your soul…which it can. But, there is another side to it and I’m glad you go to experience that!

      I have never been into gambling at all, but somehow got sucked into Blackjack this trip and really enjoyed it. I broke even. To me, that’s winning in Vegas.

      I think another visit is a must! Just ask if you have any questions on where to stay or what to see 🙂

  5. Lots of great family memories there. Remember when I was 7 months prego with your little brother and it was 110!!
    Never left the pool!

  6. I took my youngest son to Las Vegas when he was 12 (two years ago). He’s a talented magician (yes, he’s beyond the little kid tricks and can do close-up card trick and coin magic that’s really impressive; of course, I’m biased…), and he really wanted to see some of the shows there. So while my oldest and my husband went on a 12-day hiking trip for Boy Scouts, the youngest and I went to Vegas. I could do without the endless booby cards littering the street, but at least the men handing them out refrained from thrusting them in my or my son’s face. He didn’t notice much of that, but he loved seeing various magicians. He met Penn & Teller after the show, and spent time talking to Mac King as well. He didn’t get to meet Criss Angel, but we saw his show, too. We had a really good time. I’d go back again, but now that I have TWO teenage sons, I’m a little more leery about those booby cards… 😉

    Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate it!

    1. Oh the booby cards…why oh why. I took particular offense to them on this last trip. I don’t know if it is because I’m getting older or because my daughters are. It makes me sad and angry…I find myself glaring at these guys. UGH.

      Sorry, rant aside…I love that you took your little magician to Vegas. I bet he had the time of his life. It’s nice to spend alone time with each kid like that.

      I saw Penn and Teller when I was about 19, that’s great he got to meet them. I’m sure he left after both shows with plenty of inspiration!

      Thanks for following 🙂

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