Dragon’s Loyalty and Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards

Sisterhood Award

Lucky me! I was not so recently nominated by two different lovely and talented people for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and by another lovely for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I have been on a break from my blog, working hard editing my New Adult novel. It needed much love and care, all of my attention.

However, I dropped the ball and did not properly thank these thoughtful women. So for my first post back to the blogging world I wanted to feature and thank M.C. Dulac, Jennifer Windram and Kate Loveton for their nominations. It means so much to me. Make sure you all go check out their blogs. Seriously, you will thank me.


I am going to combine these awards and put 10 facts about myself here.
1. I began going to beauty school at 16, while still attending high school.
2. I have been running my own business since I was 19 years old. I have the best boss!
3. I am currently doing Zumba twice a week and a bootcamp. I’m sore.
4. I bought a house about a mile and a half from my parents about 5 or 6 years ago.
5. I think we will move away in the next year or two.
6. We are planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland next summer.
7. I would love it if my whole family could end up living in a two block radius. Some sort of commune.
8. I was very depressed at the Broncos’ Super bowl loss.
9. I love to cook.
10. My deck is completely covered in snow right now and the high today is 7 degrees. Brrr!

I am not going to nominate anyone at the moment because I have been out of the blog scene for a minute. I just want to reiterate that M.C.Dulac, Jennifer Windram and Kate Loveton are three of my favorite bloggers! Head over to their blogs now, please.


15 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty and Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards

  1. You do have a really good boss. She and I are friends.

    Are we all moving to New Orleans? It would be hard to have commune there, but it would be lots of fun. Just think of all the costumes and hat making.

    I know, when will it stop snowing??

    1. I’m so glad you two are close!

      Yes, New Orleans or Nashville. Commune when we all settle down, later after we get our moving bug out.

      COSTUMES and HAT MAKING! I want to move there now πŸ™‚

      NO MORE SNOW 😦

      1. Yeah, we see each other all the time, except when it’s really snowy.

        New Orleans has to be first. I have a feeling you’ll never leave if you move to Nashville.

        I know – a two for one. Maybe we could even blog about costumes and hat making. Then it would be like a three for one.

  2. Zumba and bootcamp – I am impressed! The commune concept sounds very funny!

    Thank you so much Lindsay for nominating me. I have to get around to changing my site a bit – and my gravatar (why does my gravatar look like that? I think it’s one of the first things I did when I set up my site). So much to do, so many posts to read when blogging!

    1. Yes. Zumba tonight! EEKKS. Well, Gravatar is a hard one to choose. Wonder what you will change it to?

      I hate to say this, but it was actually me finally responding to you nominating me for the award. You nominated me a while ago, I just finally posted it. Sorry! I would definitely award you though. You’re the best:)

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