Sunshine Award


  Every time that yellow talk bubble lights up on the corner of my screen, I feel a little rush of excitement. Did someone enjoy what I wrote? Despise it? The unknown can be thrilling. A few days ago, that yellow talk bubble lit up and there was a comment from the ever talented and creative, Shane Wilson. Lo and behold, it was a Sunshine Award for little old me!

            I am genuinely grateful and surprised that he would nominate my new blog. Shane enjoys mocking his “drunken poetry” but in reality is quite gifted and quick witted. I believe in his heart, he is a big sap of a man (in a great way) and I enjoy when that accidently slips out in his posts. Please check out his blog and sense of humor here:

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, I need to tell you 10 things about myself in order to properly accept and pass on this award.

Kangaroo cuddles!
Kangaroo cuddles!
  1. I have spooned a Kangaroo
  2. I love any holiday or party that is costume related
  3. I have two beautiful step-daughters, 14 and 8, that I love dearly
  4. I feed the bunnies in my front yard, and the HOA is trying to make me fill the hole they live in. NO WAY!
  5. I have been to about 15 or so countries and do not think that is nearly enough
  6. I love any kind of wine, but the bubbles are what make me truly happy
  7. I am a Colorado native
  8. I let my dog lick my ice cream
  9. I don’t mind doing laundry, but, I despise putting it away
  10. My husband and I have the same birthday

Now that I have told you all a bit about me, a drum roll please….

My 10 wonderful nominees are:

Please check them all out, they are great bloggers full of sunshine!


23 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Wow, Lindsay. You said some really nice things about me. I appreciate your kind words, and I appreciate that you accepted this little token. It’s nice to find people out here in the cold landscape of the Internets that we can connect with. Thank you again for the shout-out. Also…awesome kangaroo porn up there. 😛

  2. I am happy to have hopped across your page having been sent by” The Library Lady 😉
    With that being said I can now explore your page and those you have nominated.
    Congratulations on your I’m Sure much deserving award !!

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