Girls Night Gone Awry

Our heros!
Our heros!

Once a month my four girlfriends and I get together at one of our homes. The person hosting normally cooks dinner and the rest of us bring the necessities, wine. Mostly we blather on for a few hours and catch up on each other’s lives. Having all known one another for at least 15 years there is always plenty to talk or reminisce about.

Last night was taco night. Easy enough right? I arrived to find my friend Cari wandering around the parking lot, lost. We finally made our way to Nicole’s and were happy to smell dinner was ready. As a last minute thought Nicole put the taco shells in the oven on broil. I’m not sure why. I always just eat the shells as they are. But anyways, she forgot about them. Black smoke began rushing out from the oven through the stovetop. She opened the oven door to find flames engulfing her taco shells and pan. There was no way we could pull them out. The flames were too big and we all pretty much panicked.

Tristyn had the brilliant idea to run downstairs and get the fire extinguisher that was in one of those glass encasements. I don’t know if any of you have ever broken a fire extinguisher out of one of those before, but it was a blast. Tristyn tried to use the little hammer to break it, to no avail.

“Lindsay, you break it!” Tristyn laughed worriedly.

“Okay I’ll try.” My adrenaline took over and I shattered the glass all over the pavement. I broke up the rest of the pieces so we didn’t cut our hands trying to get the damn thing open.

After breaking the glass
After breaking the glass


Cari came up behind us and giggled nervously, “I don’t know what to do? Should we call the fire department? The smoke is filling the place up and the flames aren’t getting any smaller.”

I answered, “Yes, call the fire department.” Meanwhile I’m still fidgeting with the lock to get the fire extinguisher out.

I couldn’t get the lock to budge, but Tristyn was able to turn and open it. How many girls does it take to put out a fire? I grabbed the extinguisher and we all ran back upstairs into the smoke-filled apartment. I ran outside to her balcony next to the kitchen to test how to use the extinguisher, since we were all clueless. There was a plastic tie and a pin that I had to remove. I pulled them both and shot it across her patio. Awesome. I was armed and ready. Tristyn stood with her hand on the oven door ready to open it and I stood holding the extinguisher.

Ready…Aim… “You guys do not spray that! Close the oven door, we need to leave the apartment immediately. The fire department is on their way.” Nicole broke in to our intense and exciting moment.

“What? No! We are ready to spray this thing, we can put it out!” I whined.

“No. They said to close it and leave the apartment. Do not spray it.” Nicole stated calmly

I don’t know about you but I don’t know how calm I would have been about my apartment going up in flames, but, it was her apartment so we followed her and the fire department’s orders. Bummer, I really wanted to put that fire out.

Not sure of how long we would be out of the apartment we all grabbed our jackets, purses, the wine and some chips and guacamole. Apparently if asked what we would save from a burning building, it would be the wine.

Hanging out with our wine and guac
Hanging out with our wine and guac

All wasn’t a bust in the end. I didn’t get to put the fire out, but, five good looking fire men did show up to rescue us. Embarrassingly enough, they took all of the charred taco shells and arranged them nicely on a plate for us.

Needless to say, we ate out last night.

Extra crispy taco shells!
Extra crispy taco shells!

10 thoughts on “Girls Night Gone Awry

  1. Wow, Lindsay, this just gets funnier and funnier. You guys are like the female stooges! I do heat my taco shells, but in the oven at about 350.

  2. I once set my oven on fire with the self cleaning system. When I called 911, two fire trucks, and an ambulance came screeching into the neighborhood. By then the fire was out. They said the oven was too dirty and had overloaded they system. How embarrassing.

  3. How funny! I wouldn’t be sure how to break open the fire extinguisher either. Firefighters are always handsome aren’t they! 🙂 And they always have that smile – as if to say, ‘yes, you’ve been burning toast (or tacos) again, haven’t you?’

  4. Oh my gosh. We are going to be great friends. This feels like something straight out of my life and I love LOVE that the hott firemen arranged your charred taco shells. What sweethearts.

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