What Type of Traveler are You?

Last Sunday, like every Sunday, my cousin and I sat pretending to watch football while our husbands actually did. I love these days because my cousin and I spend the entire game talking about writing, books, traveling, anything that moves us. We are so much alike in our views, likes and dislikes that the conversation doesn’t stop for the entirety of the game(s).

Our constant chatter of course drives our husbands crazy and in retaliation they tease us. Usually by telling us we should leave to go on a walk, to get coffee or to go “craft something”. I know this may sound mean but somehow we just always laugh, smile and keep talking. We know they are teasing because every Sunday they beg us to come with them and against our better judgment, we do. Inevitably they pick on us. We must like the abuse and they must enjoy our incessant chitchat.

Anyhow, sometimes when we are talking I realize things about myself or other people that I never gave much thought to. On our last “football day” we were talking about a friend of hers who had traveled to a place that most people would cringe at. As an avid traveler, I of course was interested. It came to my attention that there are definitely different kinds of travelers.  Here’s my theory:

The Explorer– Generally plopping themselves in the middle of a city and really get into the nooks and crannies of the culture. They relish in a town’s sights, food, wine and local entertainment.

Park Guell in Madrid. Thank you Antoni Gaudi, we explored all you had to offer.

The Beach Bum– These are the travelers that desire nothing more than to sprawl out on a beautiful white sand beach with a mojito and not be disturbed again till the trip is over.

Being a beach bum even at night in Hawaii
Being a beach bum even at night in Hawaii

The Uncomfortable Traveler– Those who yearn for situations and cultures that make them feel entirely out of their element. They strive to test their senses, fears and ability to navigate a place that would most likely push other travelers over the edge.

Obviously I’m uncomfortable with birds, but Venice was easy!
Caving in Costa Rica with bats and huge spiders! AMAZING!
Caving in Costa Rica with bats and huge spiders!

The Posh Pants– These travelers select an exceedingly cultural place and stay at the nearest Ritz Carlton, drink the finest local wines and meals. Not likely to veer too far off the main drag.

In the lap of luxury, first stop for our honeymoon. London.

The Jumper– This is the traveler that likes to take whatever amount of time they have for vacation/holiday and split it up between as many different sights and cultures as possible. They don’t always acquire an authentic feel for a place but definitely get to see the illustrious sites.

Ireland was one out of six countries we visited in that five weeks. JUMPER
Ireland was one out of six countries we visited in that five weeks. JUMPER

The Intellectual/Historian– They appreciate all of the great historical marvels, see every artifact and celebrated painting. They find bliss in seeing where it all began; where great inventors, writers, and artists lived and worked.  They usually know more about the places they are visiting than its inhabitants.

I went an hour and a half outside of Prague to a place where no one spoke English to see this “Bone Church” Every square inch is covered with human bones made into art (bodies were from a plague that swept the town) CREEPY!

Adrenaline Junkie– Travels to places solely to seek out their most extreme sport/terrain. They are more concerned with the land and its offerings of stimulation than culture or sightseeing.

Went skydiving over “The Remarkables” in New Zealand. This is the picture I took after, from the restaurant we survived to eat at!

Honestly, I could probably come up with twenty other kinds of travelers. At some point probably all of us travelers have fit into one or all of these categories. Maybe that makes us the Chameleon traveler, trying to fit into different circumstances as they come.

What type of traveler are you?

Please feel free to share any stories or pictures that make you the traveler you are!

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “What Type of Traveler are You?

  1. Great post! I’ve become less of a beach bum and more of an explorer and intellectual/historian, but I’m really a chameleon. Some of my best memories are when I step out of the norm and try something daring, like kayaking with gators, or something uncomfortable like planting myself in the middle of the locals’ hangout in a strange town.

    And I do enjoy football, I just seem to always get caught up in chit chat instead.

  2. AWWWWW Thank you cousin! I’m so excited to be apart of the blogging community again! It was a sad time without it. Hope everyone enjoys. We need to meet on Sunday for football so I exploit all of our conversations 🙂

  3. I have to have a plan. By the time I go somewhere I have memorized the travel book and have mapped out all the things I want to do and see. Things don’t always go as expected (rarely do in fact) but at least at one point there was a method to our madness.

    1. Oh I need to bring you on my trips with me! I am the un-planner! If someone else plans for me it still feels spontaneous 🙂 Good for you for all your research, though I do agree when traveling you have little control over most situations.

  4. Interesting post, Lindsay. My husband is a Jumper and I am an Intellectual/Historian but will say the older I get the more posh I like to travel! As my mom used to say when she hit my age, I am at the age of entitlement! (whatever that really means)

  5. Hey Lindsay! I didn’t know you were a writer! You and Jennifer really do have tons in common… 🙂 I look forward to reading more posts on your page. As for this one —- which by the way, made me super antsy to travel —- I’d have to say I’m a beach bum, jumper, and explorer, and every once in a while posh pants. LOL. Cheers to experiencing the world!

    1. Hey Tamara! Yea, guess it comes with growing up together and I always looked up to Jennifer…For some reason! 🙂 Thanks for reading! I think it’s good to have different traveling types in you. It makes for a different experience every time.

  6. I am probably a bit of an Uncomfortable Traveler. I like to go to places off the beaten path. Last year we spent 2 months in India, the year before that south-central Africa, mostly in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. However, I am in Rome right now, so that isn’t very far off the beaten path.

    1. Wow! It sounds like you have been to some really extraordinary places recently! Were you just traveling around or were you there working within the communities? Rome may not be off the beaten path, but still a lovely visit!

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